M.D. Copy Service, Inc. and HIPAA Compliance in Summary

Did you know that not being HIPAA Compliant with your ROI medical record requests could now cost your practice up to $50,000 in fines?

Beginning in 2011, HIPAA as we knew it is gone. With the expansion of HIPAA through HITECH and additionally Meaningful Use there is significant scrutiny on the processing of your medical record requests. At this juncture your practice has tens of thousands of dollars riding on compliance. This is why more than 85% of hospitals outsource their release of information. However with M.D. Copy Service, Inc. even an office with one Doctor can benefit from using our release of information service, all at no cost to your facility.

The processing of medical record requests should be the least of your concerns. Taking care of patients is! We make this possible by providing everything needed to take the entire process out of your hands.

ROI & HIPAA Compliance

The use of our service makes your facility instantly compliant. Being your partner, we are able to ease your minds concerning HHS audits, and steep fines. We hope you will allow us that opportunity.