Our ROI Services

You're in control, because we know that each department varies in its needs for ROI you decide what options you need.

Release of Information Services

We process all ROI requests that are sent to the HIM Department
Mailed Requests
Walk In Requests
Faxes for Continuity of Care
Internal Requests such as Patient Accounting and Risk Management

We offer scanning technology and electronic transfer of records

We offer an Electronic ROI Database
Information is online and secure for immediate access
Meets all standards for a HIPAA Compliant Accounting of Disclosure Log
Access is given to only your key employees and key employees of M.D. Copy Service Staff
The database allows for scanned documents to be attached to Electronic requests

Special Project Solutions

We offer Backlog Clean Up Projects
Scanning information to storage
Scanning Staff for Initial EMR Startup
Backlog Filing Projects
Copy/Scan for departing physicians
File loose documents
Additional correspondence tasks